Wednesday, 18 May 2011


As they have been for a while now, big bags are still in, but not only that; I have noticed that cross-body/satchel type bags are becoming more and more popular. When I see people with this bag, it has come to my attention that brown or black leather is the way to go, along with some tassles.

River Island - £24.99
Topshop - £25.00


It might have been last year when big belts were in, but this year, everyone is going for the skinny belts. However, belts have ever so slightly lost their purpose, as they were originally designed to keep your trousers up, but now they are just a fashion icon. It has been around lately to wear skinny belts with either skirts or high-waisted trousers.
Topshop- £38.00

Topshop- £35.00

Monday, 16 May 2011


Tights always look good with a skirt or some shorts, but be careful to get the right pair. Recently a lot of high street shops have been releasing a various amount of funky tights to jazz up your outfit with. Tights are like an accessory, it may not be them main part of your outfit, but they always catch people attention!
Topshop - £8.50

Topshop - £8.50

Topshop - £10.00
If none of these tights are really doing it for you, then go to M&S as they have a wide selection of simple designed tights.


It just has to be said, that this spring, tassels are a must-have! Tasselled clothing literally goes with anything, one item of clothing that I just love in particular is: the tasselled crochet waistcoat which can be purchased in any high street shops. It can be easily paired with a simple top and a pair of harems.
Topshop - £40.00

Sunday, 15 May 2011


As the weather changes from winter to spring, and the temperature slowly rises, this years fashion looks are unleashed. One thing, which I have always loved, whether it is winter or summer is,

No matter what item of clothing it is, or what style it is, lace always provides clothes with a feminine touch. Lace has been around for  while as it is collaborated into many seasons wear, just by changing the style and colour. I personally think lace looks all the more better with a lighter touch, a creamy or pinky colour.
Topshop- £28.00


Shoes are a necessity to complete any outfit, whether it is to dress down or to dress up, the shoes are always vital. When looking at shoes I always think, what will this go with? When doing so I look at the colour, so it doesn't clash too much and the design/style, to see if it will be too much of a contrast. At the moment I have a craze for converses, you can literally where them with anything! I would personally go for the black, white or navy colours because you sure to find something that will match.

Office-  £36.99
Other shoes that I just love at the moment are brogues, they are a very preppy but stylish look.

Topshop- £30.00